Questions for Heart

Questions for Your Heart

We invite you to take a few deep breaths sit quietly and ask your self the following “Questions for Your Heart” to see if you are drawn to work with us.

Are you living as a “human of being” or more often as a “human doing”?

In our noisy, busy world, are you able to find peace and harmony within your self?

Do you respect, honor and love your self? Do you know and honor your self as precious, one of a kind and unique in all the world?

Are you living your “real” life, or do you feel caught in repetitive and habitual patterns?

Do you have compassion, kindness and understanding for your self and others?

Can you set clear and appropriate boundaries? Do you know what is valuable to you?

Do you experience your self and your life as being guided by your heart and soul?

Do you know your truth, and can you speak your truth honestly and directly?

Are you giving birth to your True Self and your authentic life, or do you feel caught or trapped by your ego-driven life?

Are you awake, aware and present, or do you feel foggy, confused, or like you’re on automatic pilot?

Can you access the wisdom of your own heart and soul, or do you look outside for answers?

Are you struggling and fighting with your self, or are you thriving and delighting in who and what you are?

Is your life a great adventure, or are you living a life of suffering in quiet desperation?

Are you accepting and understanding of your self and your life, or are you caught in a spiral of self-judgment, criticism and/or self-hatred?

Do you experience the joy of living or are you bound by despair?

How is your breathing – the quality of your breath? Is your breath rhythmic, relaxed and easy or irregular, labored and shallow? Do you forget to breathe?

Are you comfortable inhabiting your body? Can you feel your body? Is your body fluid and supple, or are your muscles tense, rigid and tight?

What is your attitude towards your body, your feelings and your thoughts? What kind of relationship do you have with your mind, your heart, your body and your soul?

Life brings us many questions, and there are answers that are needed both personally and collectively. Your answers reside deep within you. And your answers will neither be found nor reveal themselves to you in the din of the outer world. To embark on and sustain in the journey of return to your innermost heart and soul and the answers within you demands a certain level of energy and resiliency to negotiate the challenges you face in your life. Working with your whole being, body~mind~heart~soul, Spiritheart is here to support you in finding your soul-u-tions.

This work isn’t for everyone, but if you deeply feel the longing to end the struggle, genuinely want more peace and harmony in your life, are willing to do your work and have a sense that the answers really are inside of you, please contact us. We can give you genuine support on your journey of return to your deep heart, your true self and your greater humanity. Contact Us.